quality cleaning Calgary vacuum cleaning carpet cleaner cleaning products Web Design: EXTRA SIGNS, Calgary 2010 ©  Sales: admin@extrasigns.com cleaning calgary facebook cleaning calgary twitter Fine Maid LinkedIn We use the right equipment for each task! Is your current cleaning company using the same vacuum for your  hardwood floors, carpets or rugs? If so, it’s time for a change for better! At Fine Maid we pride ourselves in using the “right tools for the job”. We are owners too, and we understand that a home or business owner’s expectations for a quality job are not only justified, but also fair. Our goal is to provide our clients with outstanding cleaning services at reasonable prices. We firmly believe that quality service does not have to come with a high price tag, so when we started our company we promised ourselves we will never loose sight of the aspects that matters the most for the people in Calgary when it comes to maid cleaning services. Think cleaning Calgary - think Fine Maid!  Why choosing us? Here are some things to consider: We tackle more than the average Cleaning company; see our Packages in the residential and commercial sections. You can do your Bookings on-line, very convenient. A few clicks and your cleaning date is set! You can also talk to us in person if you require special services not covered  typically in our Packages. Our staff has gone through a careful selection process (which also includes a Criminal Record check!). We are commited to using products which are respectful towards the environment and present less hazardous ingredients for the humans, pets, etc. (e.g. Acetone, Formaldehyde, Methylene chloride  Paradichlorobenzene, and more) We use quality cleaning products which are effective, eco friendly, safer and less irritant for humans and pets, yet everyone admits our services are absolutely affordable! We only have one Planet we can live on, so why not take care of it to the best of our abilities? Environmental considerations should include the products we use for cleaning in our homes or offices. At Fine Maid we believe that a truly professional cleaning company should be able to offer less-toxic alternatives to those products typically found on the big box store’s shelves; therefore, we offer to use green cleaning products which are also effective for their intended purpose. Scent-free, hypo-allergenic and environmentally responsible, these products have a successful 12 year history of use in homes and institutions where scent free preferences or policies are employed. Proudly Canadian and dedicated to the communities we live in! Here in Calgary we have always listened to our Client’s suggestions when designing our offers (which are meant to meet and exceed the expectations). Our Packages are tailored for everyone’s budget, and even so, when our clients have special requests/requirements, we are more than happy to try to accommodate them. We continuously get involved with local communities and groups to exchange ideas and better serve our clients. To receive higher standard cleaning services having quality as the top priority, please give us a try!   services booking services prices resources fine maid cleaning services Calgary Specialized Maid and Janitorial Cleaning Services Calgary maid cleaning services